Bell tower of Holy Ascension Church (OCA),
12 miles south of Veregin, SK (ca 1901).

Ukrainians have always been conscious of their history and heritage. They are a soulful people who seem to understand that in order to know who you are, it is necessary to understand something about from where you came.

The first of the four links on this webpage discusses only very briefly a few highlights of Ukrainian church history in the old country. This is a very rich topic about which great volumes have been written, so this link provides only an extremely brief synopsis of some important events.

While Ukrainians have been in Canada for less than 125 years, our history and that of our churches has already been nothing less than fascinating. The remaining three links discuss three important periods of Ukrainian church history in Canada. The focus is specifically on the history of ecclesiastical art and architecture of Ukrainian churches in Canada but some political and cultural history is also necessary to add a certain amount of context to the discussion.